Learn to be a better entrepreneur, so you can build
the business of your dreams

You’ve got this dream.

You’ve got this dream of making life better.

You’ve got this dream of making life better doing the work you love.

And to make this dream a reality, you’ve got to build a business. To build the business you dream of, you’ve got to learn the business of your business.

You’ve gotta learn how to make yourself irresistible to your ideal customers.

You’ve gotta learn how to get your customers to want you.

And you’ve gotta learn how to keep your customers coming back again and again.

You’ve gotta learn how to be an entrepreneur.

TRY Business exists to make you a better entrepreneur.

You don’t have to go to business school.

You don’t have to spend years learning everything on your own through trial and error.

You don’t even have to do everything on your own if you don’t want to.

I’m here to help. I want you to achieve your dream. And I want you to do it in a manner that works best for you.

So I provide tips on to how to grow your business.

I created this free business planning tool for you to apply what you learn so you can make it work for your business.

And if you need me, I can help you navigate through your business challenges 1:1.

You’ve got this dream of making life better.

My dream is to do what I can to make sure that you do.

Ready to get started? Join the fun here.

About TRY Business Founder Sonia Thompson

1365232244Hi, I’m Sonia, a marketing-loving business strategist.

I’ve pretty much loved marketing for a long as I can remember.

My career aspirations were influenced early, as I watched Eddie Murphy be a cool advertising exec in the movie Boomerang.

Since my appetite for marketing never went away, I fed it some more by studying it in college and getting my MBA from Florida A&M University.

Then I spent more than ten years being a marketer and business leader growing brands around the world for large healthcare companies such as Johnson and Johnson.

Now, I combine all those experiences, including many years of being an observant, delighted, and at times frustrated consumer, to help entrepreneurs like you succeed with your business.

I have been known to break out into dance when so moved. For the record, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and 1990’s hip hop and R&B often moves me.

Update:  Since making this video, I decided I needed more beach time, so I ditched Philly and moved back to sunny Florida. :)