Admitting this can lead to a breakthrough in your business


If you have a body, you are an athlete, according to Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike. It doesn’t matter if you’re a triathlete, casual runner, zumba fanatic, or couch potato. If you have a body, you are an athlete, whether or not you choose to engage in athletic activities. How skilled you are in athletics is irrelevant to you having the title. The same holds true for marketing. If you have a business (this includes a non-profit), you are a marketer. Fact. As a business owner, you do marketing everyday whether you know it or … [Read more...]

The key to building a thriving business: Get your customers to sing a little Barry White

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Year after year entrepreneurs work to build their businesses. Some are successful. And others not as much so. Even though everyone is hard at work to make their business a success, there is something at the core of the work that separates the super successful entrepreneurs that achieve the dream they have for their business from the ones don’t. Do you know what the distinguishing factor is? It’s simple actually. The business owners who thrive are the ones who get their customers to sing. Specifically, they get them singing a bit … [Read more...]

The not-so Allen Iverson way to achieve greatness in your business


We’re not even talking about the game, when it actually matters. We’re talking about practice.” These are just some of the words from Allen Iverson’s now infamous press conference in 2002, where he went on an epic rant after being questioned about his practice habits. Even though Allen Iverson’s viewpoint was that practice wasn’t nearly as important as the actual game, a growing body of evidence suggests that practice is a supremely major key to success. But not just a bit of practice. A LOT of practice. And the amount of time … [Read more...]

7 Reasons why stripping can help you reach your goals

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Strip your motives down. Strip them naked. Strip them down to the core. When it comes to building your business, why not strip off all your covering for your motives and let it all hang out? Then you can get to the real of why you should do something. Just in case you were wondering, this is not a post about getting on the stripper pole! It’s about stripping down your objectives. It’s about getting very clear about what it is you are striving to accomplish. Asking the question, “what is my objective?” is the most important … [Read more...]