Section 2: Make your customers’ lives better

There are lots of things competing for your customers’ time and resources. The things and people that will ultimately win the battle for their attention are those that make their life better in some way. It’s not always sexy, but it will certainly help your customers be great. And that’s certainly something they will love you for.

Tips in this section

23. Solve your customers’ problem

24. Know your stuff

25. Add value

26. Do what you say you’re going to do

27. Exceed your customers’ expectations

28. Be a purple cow

29. Be consistent

30. Be accessible

31. Always be one or two steps ahead

32. Give your customers what they didn’t even know they needed or wanted

33. Give your customers an easy button

34. Make common inconveniences more convenient

35. Respect your customers’ time

36. Be simple and intuitive

37. Automate

38. Educate

39. Teach your customers something new

40. Share helpful information

41. Be relevant (evolve with the times)

42. Let your customers customize their experience

43. Give your customers something one-of-a-kind

44. Create a community

45. Introduce new stuff

46. Be competitor friendly

47. Move and inspire your customers (tug at their heartstrings)

48. Help make your customers’ dreams come true